Discipleship at any cost


Discipleship at any cost is the very first book written by Professor Fomum when he started out as a Christian Author in 1976. This book, therefore, reflects the original thought of the author.

As clearly outlined in the book, Professor Fomum's basic message has not changed. From the start, it was the power of a man’s all. Today it is still the power of a man’s all.

The different topics covered in this book are:

  • the price to pay to be a disciple,
  • the foundations of the disciple's life,
  • the purpose of the disciple's life,
  • the disciple's sufferings, and
  • the disciple's reward.

Read this book and you will be challenged and encouraged to follow the Lord whole heartedly.

Dimension (L x W x H) 10 x 20 x 30 Inch
Weight 9878 Gram

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